Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Who found who?

It's early. A somber morning light bears witness to the remnants of a recent Springtime storm. I sip on tea and honey listening to the sleepy world waking up around me. I await her single bark. I think about how she fits so perfectly into my home. So big and burly and beautiful. So strong, loving and gentle. So perfectly behaved. I realize her love is a silent backdrop to my daily life, and it occurs to me in this moment that it was she who found me


  1. Yay!!!! It is absolutely jaw dropping, amazing to me that pets find the right people to be with. Your poignant slice is a strong testament to the power of love - with all of God's creatures.

  2. Dogs are the BEST! I love that she is all snuggled in. She knows she’s loved.