Sunday, March 1, 2020

All she could do...

She sat in silence, her body soaking up the golden rays of the morning sun. 

They needed to talk, but she could only listen.

They were the same she and him, cut from the same cloth she could practically read his thoughts. His stormy eyes flashed in her direction, stabbing her with his despair.

Her instinct was to console him. To touch his shoulder, to coo soft reassuring words, to smooth his tousled curls like she had when he was little.

But she sat in silence, absorbing his pain, wrapping herself in the armor that is motherhood.

The hands of time had shifted her place. With compassionate soul, and thankful heart, she lovingly stepped aside.

She knew he needed to find his way, and all she could do is listen. 


  1. Yay! You're back! This is so simple and so powerful and so heart pulling and so true. It shows a life long journey in so few words- one of your talents my friend.

  2. I just love your writing. It's like home.