Saturday, March 9, 2013

It's all about YOU:-)

Last night, a close friend and fellow writer sat with me at the kitchen table, both of us sipping wine. "I admire you for taking the writing challenge", she said, wearing a genuine look of respect. "I could never find the time to do it." 

I nodded in agreement, knowing how much she already has on her plate. "Well", I said optimistically, "maybe next time." 

"Hmmm, I don't know", she said doubtfully, "it seems like an awful lot of work and dedication. I mean if you want to practice your writing, you can do that without all of the added pressure....."

"Yeah", I sighed, "I suppose you are right....I mean it IS a lot of pressure....but, well, I don't know....there's a lot more to it than that. I really enjoy it."

"Really?", she asked, with genuine curiosity, what do you like best about it?" 

Good Question!!!!!!!!

What do I like best? …..I had to think carefully about her question. Clearly, the benefits are many, but what do I like best??? That was a tough one. 

After thoughtful consideration  I not only came up with decision, but am completely confident with my final answer. 

I shall now share my answer with you....…..What I like best about the challenge is….drum roll please…YOU!!
Yep, you read it right; the very best part of this challenge is having the opportunity to be part of you, (a unique and beautiful writing community, where I know inspiration is always just a click away.......)

Each day, through the eloquence of your words, I'm able to experience your life, a slice at a time, and share your unique perspectives....

Whether captivated by your honesty and raw emotion, delighted by your abundance of wit and humor; or stimulated by the depth of your insights, thoughts and opinions; I know I can count on you to be there….to write, to encourage,to inspire….and finally, to read without judgment should I feel the need to bare my soul……...Thank you for being there.....


  1. My favorite part of Slice of Life is not the writing-- that's really hard work some days. Instead, as you suggest, it's the community. I love reading people's slices and learning from everyone else, and then having people comment on my writing. It's a really special group of people.

  2. It is is the community. For me the writing is hard for me. The writing is hard to share...makes one feel a little on the naked side. It is the community. Thanks for sharing this truthful insight.

  3. I love reading slices and spend way too much time doing it. But I also get my best ideas from other writers. Without this community of writers, I wouldn't be writing! It's hard work, but like you said, inspiration is just a click away.

  4. I love writing, but when people comment on my writing, it validates my work,and makes me feel a valid part of this writing community.

  5. It is all of the voices out there that lift you up to try to write better and better each day. These are people who I've never met but I value each and every one as a friend. It's hard to explain to someone who has not experienced it. Glad you joined in this year.

  6. I agree. Being part of the SOL community makes participating in the challenge rewarding. I appreciate every comment! Putting myself in my students' shoes by having to write every day helps me be a more empathetic teacher all year long.

  7. I love this and agree with you completely. It is the people here who have made this a safe and encouraging place to share words. :) Nice slice today.

  8. Yes, you are so right. Connecting with everyone, reading a glimpse of their lives is fulfilling. I love your writing SOL.

  9. I'm with you Dar! Thank YOU! Do you remember when we sat at the same table for one of the book talks, I think Wondrous Words, and we had such great conversation that we asked Carrie if we could have the same placement next time? Hahaa.. I feel the same way now!! So happy we are with eachother on this!

    1. Brighid, I couldn't agree more. I have the fondest memories of the Wondrous Words book talk, and will ever forget the immediate connection we shared at our table:-)

      Now, more than ever, it's important to be among friends....The idea that we are in this challenge together not only gives me a sense of comfort, but makes it so much more enjoyable....

      Hopefully, the genuine love of literacy we share will keep us traveling down the same paths.....:-)

      PS I love that we asked Carrie for the same awesome was that???

  10. Yes, I love the weekly slicing but there's nothing like this daily sharing... NOTHING!

  11. I agree 100%, Darlene. I enjoy the writing, but the feeling that we're a part of this.... of something bigger than ourselves.... it's just amazing. You captured it in words so perfectly in this post.
    I'm so, so, so glad you're doing this with us. I pass fellow slicers in the hallway at school, and we say hi but.... wait! I just though of tomorrow's slice. :) Thanks!

  12. Yes, that is why I sliced every day last March and every Tuesday all year. Welcome to The Slice. The more you write, the more you will find you want to say.
    So happy to meet you. :)