Tuesday, March 31, 2015

It's been a slice

Slices of Life
United by a common goal
Challenging themselves
Challenging each other
Working together
Supporting each other
Sharing their lives
Sharing their dreams
for 31 days 
and then it's time to say goodbye....

Until next year my fabulous friends.....
It's been a slice,...:-) 

Monday, March 30, 2015

Perpetual Chaos

It's an inherent thing.... smoldering just beneath the surface
It can't be described nor can it be curbed.
When just erupts, it's ferocity is intimidates all that lies it its path.

Afflicted souls, despise it's power. Clinging  Yet, it's very presence gives them life. Its energy, a driving force, compels them to do most everything they do.

Those who love them continually find ways to tolerate, forgive, and excuse the behavior caused by this perpetual chaos, while constantly seeking to understand.
Others...sharing a common demon, revile them for their ways, denounce and cast blame.
Trapped in collective paranoia, they fear not only each other, but the wretchedness they see in themselves.


Eventually, they will know....understand, comprehend.
They will seek to evolve, .....to find the next level....to find the light

but that is best left for another blog......

Sunday, March 29, 2015

A peek inside my writers notebook

Actual random writing from a page of mine......

Soul Saturday...10:05 AM March 18, 2015

What does Soul Saturday mean???????? Clean -> house and -> soul

Music, write, interpret......

Writers notebook? Maybe!

(Thank you for teaching me.....for "seeing" me.....thank you for the gift....)

Nothing lasts forever so we have to make THIS THE BEST DAY OF OUR LIFE!! DO IT! Don't hold on to the old pain, and for God's sake, definitely, don't fear the future, nor dwell on it- for- we have only now- make it a beautiful memory for someone- everyone- whether we are here to remember or not!

Quote of the day.....
"Beauty is truth's smile when she beholds her own face in a perfect mirror." 
~ Rabindranath Tagore~
Songs of the day
Sound of Silence
Simple Kind of Man
Who'll Stop the Rain
It is through the arts our souls live on forever, through  authors, poets, artists and musicians, we're able to access precious pieces of ourselves....~ME~

Saturday, March 28, 2015


Tonight I indulged in the gift of friendship.......

Moments shared, memories created, bonds irrevocably weaved into the fabric of our being....

Tonight we applauded successes, encouraged dreams, and took a stroll or two down Memory Lane. 

Listening, sharing, we collected pearls of wisdom like seashells in the sand, each of us a little richer for the experience. 

It' s been said, we attract people into our lives whose character mirrors our own. Tonight, as I reflect on my amazing circle of friends, I can only hope this is true.

Friday, March 27, 2015

never to be written....

Awakened suddenly, I lie in the darkness grasping desperately for the pen kept on my bedside table. I have to write it down before I forget, I think to myself as the pen, located just near my fingertips, tumbles off the nightstand into the abyss below. Frustrated, I turn on the light temporarily blinded as my eyes adjust to the sudden brightness. I spot the pen several feet away, but already I know it's too late. For the words that physically woke me are now fluttering away like butterflies into the unknown. Important words, never to be written, at least not by me and not in this intended moment.

The Pen really is mightier than the Sword.

Thursday, March 26, 2015


To the world, 913 is not very blog worthy. I mean, it's a number, and let's face it, (my apology to math teachers), how exciting can a number be? ha ha

I've decided, however, that this particular number is worthy of a shout out, at least for today. You see, it represents a crossroad....... a tiny moment in time that changed my future forever.

At 7:30 AM, on September 24, 2012, I crushed out my last cigarette in the parking garage at Christ Hospital.....I did it to honor the love of my life......I did it to save him.

Today,  913 days later, I remain smoke free.....I do it to honor his memory. I do it to honor me.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


(Diamante Poem)
cozy happy
relaxing, reading, dreaming
pillows pj's puzzles perfection
preparing rushing working
anxious hectic

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

My Library

A magic place where time stands still
Where fairies live and always will
Where elephants and Piggies talk
Where cars converse and carrots walk

Where exotic places fill the shelves
 and kids can go to lose themselves
Whisked away to lands unknown
Defeating dragons on their own

The first to get that special book
holding it tight, while others look
He saunters about, a smiling face
So grateful for his favorite place

A place where knowledge reigns supreme
Somewhere to read, create, and dream
The place that's worthy of a poem
My library, My second home


Monday, March 23, 2015

Tears ( a Cinquain poem)

dark clouds roll in
shadowing sad blue eyes 
But even raindrops cannot hide
the tears

A light
distantly shines
shadows dissipating
fear-filled tears flowing, become tears
of joy

Sunday, March 22, 2015

I am hope

I am Hope
Dazzling, golden, sunlight personified
Elusively I float, a butterfly
Poetry with wings, 
Fluttering ahead, beyond human reach
I encourage, I promise, I sooth aching hearts 
A foundation of comfort,I never abandon
A friend to all souls who have lost their way.
I am here.
I am hope.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

What a bubble knows......

A bubble, unique, magnificent joyful, drifting alone, fatuously.without rhyme or reason. No reason needed, a perfect form.

Ego-less, fearless, these gloriously picturesque, impeccably designed  halos of perfection, exist harmoniously; not competing, but complimenting one another. Floating, ascending, descending..... Pure, shimmering points of light, reflecting, refracting, evaporating into the universe without remorse.

The children point, giggle, and squeal; leaping into the sky in attempt to trap transparent spheres of sunshine with tiny fingers. Delighting in the sparkling buoyancy, laughter prevails even as their reaching hands grasp only empty air.  It's only one moment, but a moment worth millions.

For, a bubble knows....contentment can always be found in the the sound of a child's laughter. For it's that sound that shall reverberate into eternity.




Friday, March 20, 2015

A Portrait Poem

                          A portrait poem

curious, loyal, artistic, sensitive
first born daughter of Edward and Margaret
likes waking up to the sound birds, fresh hot coffee, sunshine
feels optimistic most of the time
afraid of never achieving my spiritual goals
would like to see harmony--

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Finding a way back

"I don't know what to do!" she exclaimed in her melodramatic way. "I am just beyond exhausted and can't seem to pull it together! It's as though I've.... nothing left to give....."

Her friend didn't speak, but nodded knowingly.

"Seriously", she added, her tone bordering desperation,  "Do you understand what I mean?  I mean.... It's like I'm lost or.....I don't know, I feel as though I'm...."
...... Her voice trailed off.....

"A sell out?" her friend, whispered

"Yes!  That's it! That's EXACTLY what I mean!" she bellowed with a sudden burst of energy, " A give up your dream, sell your soul to the devil, lie to yourself, lie to the world,  detest what you stand for, sell out!" Feeling suddenly drained, she she plopped down listlessly into a chair. "How?  She asked finally,  "did it ever come to this?"

"I don't know", her friend responded dismally, "but I'm not gonna lie, I'm right there with you."

For a moment they sat silently lost in thoughts of yesteryear, then with a sigh, began gathering their things,.

"Do you think it'll ever be like it was? Do you think we'll will find a way back?" Her question lingered dark, heavy, like a shadow of doom.. Suddenly anxious, she searched her friend's face for an answer......

"Of course we will!!, "Her friend responded with a smile; but her eyes told a whole different story.......

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Thanks to our children

Keeping the Dream Alive
There is something amazingly beautiful about being part of a culturally diverse district, something that can never be replicated, something that I'd never trade. Something so pure that even after all these years it warms my heart and gives me hope. Something, that up until today, I could never find the words to express. 

Today, I found inspiration on facebook. The picture above, along with the words below, are part of an actual post that expresses exactly what I wish to convey. 

These words would mean nothing coming from me......but oh how perfect coming from the mouth of babes. 


"Mom, can I tell you something weird?" 

Me: "Sure."

"I really can't wait for Martin Luther King Day"

Me: "That's not weird, it sounds like you're really inspired by him."

"Yeah, because if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be able to play with my friend."

A special thanks to Monica for sharing this post, and a special thanks to our children who continue to keep the dream alive. 


Tuesday, March 17, 2015



~ Limerick~

There was an old lady named Bunny
Who thought that her poems would make money
So she wrote them all down
But gave up with a frown
When her friends said her poems were too funny

Sunday, March 15, 2015


Everything happens for a reason.....

Some days I really have to remind myself of this fact. When you think there's no rhyme or reason, just remember: what's meant to happen always happens. If you're observant enough, one day you'll be staring at the end result and have your answer, as to why. 

Saturday, March 14, 2015

I need only remember....

Sweet memories whisper, a gentle breeze infusing the air with springs unique fragrance of hope. Peace pervades all my senses....I remember..... 

Your eyes smile with the brilliance of a summers day, lifting my spirit beyond the pits of darkness and despair..... 

I find you, see you, feel your heavenly presence. Perfection, radiating with love and acceptance; with compassion and forgiveness. Your spirit pervades the soul that is my world, and,  if only for a moment, I find in solace in the warmth of the truth. 

This, I know, is only the beginning.....I need only remember to believe.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Pajamas and Wine

Pajamas and wine and sappy old movies
Gooey Cheese Pizza and Chilled Pink Moscato
Crystal  glasses clinking together........a toast
to our friends, our family, the world, ourselves
No phones, social media, or worries
will infiltrate our world tonight
Just a mother and daughter together
appreciating their bond
Tonight is mother daughter night
and we wouldn't trade it for the world.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Funny Mood

Today I am in a funny mood. Not the "rolling on the floor laughing" kind of funny, but the kind of funny that lacks any real description.  The kind of  funny that transforms my mind into a virtual prison disconnecting me from the rest of the universe.
On days like this, I toss away my 'to do' list, focusing my attention only on what needs to be done.
On days like this, I'm careful not to initiate conversation and surround myself with as much and quiet time as my schedule realistically allows.  
On days like this, I withdraw into the protective cocoon of Introspection, seeking to regain my vanishing sense of balance. 
On days like this, I read, and write, I study and pray. I contemplate something I seem to have lost.
On days like I am an outsider; belonging nowhere, believing nothing.
On days like this, I lose all perspective of who I am; and what, if anything, I contribute to the world.
On days like this, I'm neither happy nor sad.  I'm simply here, waiting for the "real me
 to come to the rescue.

Today there is no laughter, no amusement, no pain.
Today, I am in a funny mood.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

That's all I want to do

and skip and jump
and leap, and romp and dance
all day long
that's what I want to do.

and twist and wriggle
and weave and squirm and bounce
all day
that's all I want to do.

and tap and drum
and pat and thump and rap
all day long
That's all I want to do

and yodel and sing
and shout and warbel and chant
all day long
that's all I want to do.

and absorb and drink
and eat and breathe and devour
the glorious sun
all day long
that's all I want to do.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

As it is in dreams

We walked, for what seemed like hours, mud up to our knees, trudging diagonally upward to reach our destination,  my sister's house, I believe.  Can't make it, mud too thick and heavy, we must turn back.
Sara, (my niece) appears suddenly in front of me, How? Why, did that happen? This apparition bares no resemblance, yet, instinctively I know it is her....as it is in dreams

I talk to her boyfriend, explaining in great detail the complexities of our family relationship. I listen to my voice as I tell the story. I am impressed with it's objectivity. No anger, no hurt. No resentment or other emotion. Nothing to complicate, simply facts, eloquently spoken with well chosen vocabulary. He appears to listen, and understand, he does not seem to judge. (It is only occurs to me later that he will tell Sara, and problems will resurface......but it doesn't really matter because the scene shifts.....as it is in dreams

I find myself in a room, in a house. I do not recognize the house, yet it is familiar. My father sits in the left hand corner of the room.....other family members float in and out but my father's presence is dominant. He doesn't speak, but yet communicates perfectly.....as it is in dreams....

Suddenly, I 'm acutely aware of a dog in another room....voices yelling about calling (the police?) stating he has bit kids before....I panic, knowing they are talking about (my son's dog) Harley. I get up to run and find them. Johnny is cradling Harley in his arms . He doesn't seem upset. He  simply states that that "Harley is hyper", and continues to cradle him. I find myself wanting to to protect Harley, I reach out......I must help him before it;s too late....but then, as it is in dreams, I wake up.

Wanting to go back to find out what happens next, but I cannot return......because, you can never go back....that is, as it is in dreams.....

Monday, March 9, 2015

Fly Guys and Elephants

"Guess what I've got?" I ask enthusiastically, ans the kindergartners settled  down for story time. 

"What?" They asked, excitedly,  pretending they didn't already know.

Dramatically, I unveil the coveted book, holding it  high in the air for all to admire. "Fly Guy Presents Sharks".

"Ooooh, Yayyyyyy" They respond in unison!! "We love Fly Guy!!!, and they dooooo!! But kindergartners love also love to read about many things....fire trucks and Disney princesses, Hot Wheels and Dr. Seuss, Dinosaurs, kittens, puppies, and of  course, anything by Mo. Mo Willems......and Tedd Arnold. They are the authors that rule in Kindergarten......  

Pre K, on the other hand is overwhelmingly prefers Mo Willems. That being said, I've made it my personal goal to find,and read, every Piggie and Elephant book ever made, and so far, I believe I have succeeded. Because of that, I've become pretty popular in room 21......Luckily for me, the Pre-K teachers give them provide them with a variety of books and authors preparing their young minds for a literary world. 

Most enjoyable are the older students. those who developing their skills and developing  a very sophisticated palate when choosing their genres or authors: Teachers can often be recognized through the choices these young readers make. Christopher,  Cleary, Dahl,   DiCamillo,  Gaiman, Hahn, Korman, Scieszka, Spinelli, Palacio, and Riordan are just a few of the authors they search for by name, and then their are the series..... Naruto, Ninjago, Wimpy Kid, Big Nate, Stick Dog,  Dork Diaries, Mind Craft, Amulet, Smile, Lunch Lady, Percy Jackson, Ready Freddy, and 39 Clues, Harry Potter, and Hunger Games, Scary Stories, and Goosbumps, are just a few of the "must haves"......that must be kept readily available.

In a few short months I've learned the likes, dislikes, and sometimes fickle minds of our young readers.......with any luck, this is only the beginning of a very interesting journey......

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Dad's Words ( a haiku)

                                                         (Painting by: Heather Hopkins)

            Dad's words               

Dad's words of wisdom
float randomly in my mind
and their truth prevails

Saturday, March 7, 2015

You're my kind......

“Ô, Sunlight! The most precious gold to be found on Earth.” 
~Roman Payne~

Sometimes I can't help but wonder. What goes through a readers mind.

For instance: This particular slice..... Are you thinking,  ...."Awe, look at those (insert adjectives here) cats!", or  "Oh  Geesh, not another cat lady!".

Did you think? "Wow, I can't wait to see she has to say!", or , are you thinking,   " I really don't care that much, I have things to do, and need to get my quota of comments in for the day."

Are you pondering the pictures, the quote, or the words you are reading at this very moment, or are you simply going through the motions, because you promised yourself you would?

Is it any of my business?????

Does it  really even matter?????

Are you thinking ...."Seriously????"



Are you reading this and thinking......"Mmmm Hmmmm, I totally feel your pain."

If you find yourself sharing in some of my pain....

YOU are my kind of writer.

The pure, passionate, "dig down deep into the soul  spill out your guts" kind of writer with the innate ability to devour words, magically transform them, and reveal to the world with them with  hand of an artist.

You my friend, are the kind of writer  understands and cherishes the artistic value of the written word.

YOU know who I am, and love me anyway....

For together....

we're bound by an integrity

that can never be destroyed.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Try 'em.......You'll Like 'em ;-)

C'mon try them. Green eggs are cool!

                            Anyone who knows me will tell you....... I love this School!!

In my heart I know that this job, and all who are affiliated are a gift, one that has changed my life.
Perhaps that's the reason I always find myself amazed and delighted by the "common" things  that are sometimes  overlooked, expected, or simply taken for granted in our incredibly hectic world of education.

This week, (Dr. Seuss Week), I had the privilege to observe the wide eyed excitement of some very happy first grade students. Proudly donning tall red and white top hats, they smiled with glee as they absorbed all their newfound knowledge of America's very own beloved writer and cartoonist, Dr. (Theodor) Seuss.

Now trust me when I tell you.... attaining the delicate balance of this much learning, and that much fun, is no small feat.

This is just one of the many reasons I admire our teachers so much. It takes super human energy, boundless creativity, and a pretty generous pocketbook to perpetuate the type of learning environment that's being generated here..

Like I said....

I love this school.....but more importantly, so do our kids.

If you don't believe me, come see for yourself. And if you're lucky, Mrs. Power's class might my just whip you up some of their famous, super- duper delicious green eggs.  

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A trip worthwhile

cd1791dfa0ce1b24250f6a7067008f47.jpg (876×493)

They brace against the icy winds
They trudge through mounds of snow
They slip, they slide, they hold on tight
to each other in the snow

The stream of traffic never ends
and seems it never will
but patiently, they stand and wait
Then cross with grace and skill

My admiration grows each day
'cause they never lose their cool
no matter what, they make the time
to walk their kids to school

As they pass me by each morning
Our greeting is a smile
For we all know that the trip they've made
Shall forever be worthwhile...................... 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


If you have delved into any form of social media, you have most certainly seen or heard of the term: #FirstWorldProblems. I kept seeing it on facebook statuses, Twitter feeds, Instagram, and it would even get the occasional mention on televison. I understood the gist of it, but never fully grasped the concept personally until a trip I made to Starbucks with my daughter. As I was walking out of the store with my Grande Caramel Macchiato in hand, I lost my footing and in turn, dropped my freshly prepared piece of heaven onto the pavement. As I stare in awe at the un-salvageable puddle of goodness splattered all over the slimy ashpalt, I muttered angrily and, dare I say, even threw a mini-temper tantrum. My daughter giggles and says "Hashtag First World Problems eh, Mom?" At that moment, it truly hit me how good I really have it and that feeling so angry about losing that Starbucks to the parking lot was such a waste of emotion. Now, I'm not saying to thank the universe every time you drop a cup of coffee, or spill something on your new dress, or even forget to record your favorite show; but, this is to hoping that one day, when something seemingly irritating happens to you, You will take a moment to reflect on all the good things you do have in this life.

Here's some internet humor for you:

Monday, March 2, 2015

A New Found Friend

"Looks like winter", the weatherman proclaimed, "will be sticking around a little while longer!" ...."blah...blah blah" .....he continued, but my mind had already begun shifting gears. Remembering the somber mood caused by last year's  eternal winter, my heart began to sink. It's all about attitude, I knew, and mine was in need of a drastic change.

Bundling up, I headed outside, making my way slowly to the end of the block, I observed and absorbed the sights and sounds of  the late winter's morning, noting all of the beauty it had to offer  The sweet sound of silence partnered with a deep sapphire sky, the bursting golden rays of life-giving light animated the hundreds of glimmering icicles,  transforming before my eyes. God's handy work in all it's glory.....I thought.

So if winter tends to linger longer than I'd hoped,  I'll not be discouraged. Instead, I'll think of it as a new found friend.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

A Place for US


Aligned in harmony
Beauty, purity, illuminated by truth
Here, we believe in possibilities

Acceptance, Adulation,
A place to belong
All pain rendered benign
Here,we are loved and respected

Opinions, wisdom, one in the same
yearned for and embraced by all
Here, judgment is obsolete

Honesty, trust, sharing without  boundaries
Here, mutual respect is our foundation

Here, physicality is only a word
Recognized, and loved without condition
Here, we are viewed through the lens of a writer.....