Sunday, March 24, 2013

You are so beautiful to me......

thank you

To all of the beautiful people in my life......
If ever you should doubt God’s purpose for “you”, just take a moment to look around….and think……
Think of all the lives you touch on a daily basis, the people you love, and how empty their lives would be without you....... Think of all the ways “you” make a difference in the world.

My heart, not my mind, compels me to write these words. For each of you, in your own unique way, provide me with a deep sense of warmth and comfort: a source of light that gently guides me, even in my darkest hours. It’s through “you”, I find myself reminded of God’s true purpose for all of us. In sharing the inner beauty of your human spirit, you give those who are frightened, lost, or lonely the strength to carry on…..

May you always remember your significance to the world, the impact you make in the lives of others, and how very much you're loved and needed. May you also know and remember how very important “you” are to me!!

With Love and Gratitude…..

I am genuinely grateful to have"you" in my life.........


  1. What a lovely message....whoever this was meant for is a lucky person!

  2. Beautiful Darlene - just like you :-)

  3. This is beautiful Darlene.. Your grace and love shine through your words. I agree with Carrie :)