Monday, March 2, 2015

A New Found Friend

"Looks like winter", the weatherman proclaimed, "will be sticking around a little while longer!" ...."blah...blah blah" .....he continued, but my mind had already begun shifting gears. Remembering the somber mood caused by last year's  eternal winter, my heart began to sink. It's all about attitude, I knew, and mine was in need of a drastic change.

Bundling up, I headed outside, making my way slowly to the end of the block, I observed and absorbed the sights and sounds of  the late winter's morning, noting all of the beauty it had to offer  The sweet sound of silence partnered with a deep sapphire sky, the bursting golden rays of life-giving light animated the hundreds of glimmering icicles,  transforming before my eyes. God's handy work in all it's glory.....I thought.

So if winter tends to linger longer than I'd hoped,  I'll not be discouraged. Instead, I'll think of it as a new found friend.


  1. I like this attitude, Darlene. It's so hard to be hopeful when there is nothing but gray skies and snow. My mom went out for a walk this evening and told me how much it invigorated her. I'd love to try it. (If I can escape the two littles for a few...)

  2. I admire your winter hug, but if I were living on the east coast, I'd cry at the thought of more snow and cold.

  3. Winter is but a cycle and all we are left to do is to try to appreciate it's beauty. On the other hand, I get it I'm from the north east and I'm over the snow. That said, I do agree being connected with the rhythms of the natural world help to lighten our mood. Nice post I appreciate your words.