Saturday, March 21, 2015

What a bubble knows......

A bubble, unique, magnificent joyful, drifting alone, fatuously.without rhyme or reason. No reason needed, a perfect form.

Ego-less, fearless, these gloriously picturesque, impeccably designed  halos of perfection, exist harmoniously; not competing, but complimenting one another. Floating, ascending, descending..... Pure, shimmering points of light, reflecting, refracting, evaporating into the universe without remorse.

The children point, giggle, and squeal; leaping into the sky in attempt to trap transparent spheres of sunshine with tiny fingers. Delighting in the sparkling buoyancy, laughter prevails even as their reaching hands grasp only empty air.  It's only one moment, but a moment worth millions.

For, a bubble knows....contentment can always be found in the the sound of a child's laughter. For it's that sound that shall reverberate into eternity.





  1. "these gloriously picturesque, impeccably designed halos of perfection, exist harmoniously; not competing, but complimenting one another."
    Come on! That's insane how spot on that is! This whole slice screams the lightness of science meets the innocence of nature's best gift: children. COULDN'T LOVE IT MORE!

  2. As always, you hit me with such perfection.
    I've been working on a tree piece and this structure is kind of calling my name I have to say. Love!