Thursday, March 12, 2015

Funny Mood

Today I am in a funny mood. Not the "rolling on the floor laughing" kind of funny, but the kind of funny that lacks any real description.  The kind of  funny that transforms my mind into a virtual prison disconnecting me from the rest of the universe.
On days like this, I toss away my 'to do' list, focusing my attention only on what needs to be done.
On days like this, I'm careful not to initiate conversation and surround myself with as much and quiet time as my schedule realistically allows.  
On days like this, I withdraw into the protective cocoon of Introspection, seeking to regain my vanishing sense of balance. 
On days like this, I read, and write, I study and pray. I contemplate something I seem to have lost.
On days like I am an outsider; belonging nowhere, believing nothing.
On days like this, I lose all perspective of who I am; and what, if anything, I contribute to the world.
On days like this, I'm neither happy nor sad.  I'm simply here, waiting for the "real me
 to come to the rescue.

Today there is no laughter, no amusement, no pain.
Today, I am in a funny mood.


  1. I am not necessarily fond of those types of "funny moods," but sometimes they are necessary. Sometimes we need the peace and quiet. "...I withdraw into the protective cocoon of Introspection, seeking to regain my vanishing sense of balance. " What a description, Darlene. I love this slice, because I can definitely relate. The words perfectly describe how I have felt before. Thanks for sharing and letting me know I am not alone.

  2. I needed this today. I just sat and wrote and was feeling like this- what came out was different, but the lost feeling comes through.

  3. You capture this "mood" so eloquently. Your words (cocoon of introspection, prisoner, neither happy nor sad, waiting...) paint a picture of a certain kind of numbing emptiness or hollowness. You are describing how I feel sometimes when I think of my dad, kind of just going through the motions, but mentally and emotionally I'm checked out. Thank you for sharing this...and hopefully today, you have returned to your vibrant, passionate self. :-)

  4. My friends, I appreciate your comments always, but especially for this specific slice. When I go through these "funny moods", it helps to know I am not as alone as I feel.. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and insights about this slice....and next time you are feeling this way.....remember, you are not alone. :-)