Friday, March 11, 2016

because I belong....

While unremarkable, I couldn't help but notice her. The neatly coiffed, fashionably dressed lady strolling down our halls. I didn't know her, and it bugged me. So, for a moment I watched as she readjusted the strap of her oversized bag. Her confident pace and familiar demeanor told me she felt at home....but how?

Scrolling through my mental rolodex, I came up empty.....

Who was she? Why was she here? Why did I care?

Purposefully, I picked up my stride to catch up; scanning her for recognition as I passed by.

Nope, not a clue, I concluded, exchanging a quick glance, but her visitor's pass put me strangely at ease.

"Good morning.", I offered pleasantly.

"Good morning.", she responded in kind.

I smiled to myself  as the realization slowly sunk in....

Our Students, Our Staff, Our School,

All a part of who I am....

I care........... because I belong.


  1. Your descriptions are amazing! I absolutely love the words you use as I feel like I am there myself. I have a great mental picture of this poised woman as she walks down the hall with her oversized bag. I enjoyed the reflection and figured I would find out just who this lady was. Way to keep it a mystery. It's not about who the lady was - it is about who you are in that building. Great slice!

  2. I'm sure this drove you crazy because you know EVERYONE in every building you work in! Hee Hee. Nice watching out for the building!

  3. Oh, Darlene! This is the perfect slice...the perfect mix of thoughts, action, and dialogue. I'm so glad you've settled in and are feeling at home in your new(ish) position! But that doesn't stop us from missing you :-)