Thursday, March 31, 2016

Broken promises??

In the beginning my foolish heart believed I could do it. Emerging renewed from its protective cocoon, it fluttered with euphoric anticipation, breathing in the fleeting scents of hope and possibilities.  

Thirty one much time, I thought... to build courage, find my voice, and figure out what I wanted to say.

With inordinate optimism I stacked one promise on top of another.

I’ll to let loose, I'll take risks, I'll be brave.

Now, haunted by the numerous words left unwritten. I scan through my posts with a silent sense of urgency; searching for traces of the promises that elude my critical eye.

Broken promises?

I think not!

Instead, I'll attribute it to zeal, and the fact that
thirty one days not so much time, after all.




  1. It's true - 31 days is NOT that long after all! I have enjoyed reading your slices, Darlene! You are a gifted writer!!!!

  2. Time does fly. I agree, as you've stated to eloquently, "I scan through my posts with a silent sense of urgency; searching for traces of the promises that elude my critical eye," there is that feeling that I had so much more to say, so many more topics to write about, more depth to discover... and then, you've prompted me to consider, how is that a problem exactly? :) What a great, "dilemma," to possess. It's never going to be, "just right," that's what keeps us writing. Loved reading your words this past month. Let's get together for that lunch.

  3. I so missed not being able to see you everyday and talk about your posts. You helped get me through a long and isolated leave over here lady!