Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Seuss n' juice

Today is special
Today is great
Today it's You
We celebrate

Because of you
We love to rhyme
We love to sit
For story time

Your words are famous
Throughout the world
Inspiring boys,
Inspiring girls

From Cats in Hats
to Green Eggs and Ham
and who can forget
Sam I Am?

As I'm writing my blog
and drinking my juice
I think of my hero
The great Dr. Seuss

Happy Birthday 112th birthday Dr. Seuss


  1. You are awesome! You need to help me with my poetry- you just flow with it, no matter the style. This is indeed super clever and I can see it going out to teachers all over- it should anyway.

  2. Oh, I love it. You work wonders in that library. You help make it a magical place, much like the dear Dr. Seuss. :)

    1. btw, this is Brig. Haha... not sure why I am showing up, "Unknown"... and xo