Thursday, March 24, 2016

Sticks and stones

Hushed voices trickled comfortably through the tiny opening of the doorway, sprinkled with an occasional giggle, the environment seemed warm and inviting. She was just about to join the comradery when she heard the offensive words.

"so then...", the familiar voice continued, and BLAM, just like that..... her world began to reel. 

Too stunned to move, she stood paralyzed by the ease of the lies and embellishments weaving through her name;the apparent source of the other's amusement. Suddenly nauseous,  she staggered dizzily into the safety of the cool hallway, desperate to escape.

Tears stinging her eyes, she slipped away into the shadows of the afternoon sunlight......sticks and stones.....she thought glumly.....if only life was that easy.....


  1. This sounds like such a devastating experience (and one that has happened to us all). I love how you wrote in third person. Thanks for the reminder to us all about the (negative) power of gossip!

  2. The power of gossip- you've encapsulated that here and I kind of want to go punch somebody now (wait- that perpetuates bullying...damn!) Words hurt. Plain and simple. May this person (best not be you! grrrr) find solace in the many people that undoubtedly think she is amazing!