Sunday, March 13, 2016

Your voice....(a thank you, really)

Anybody who knows me, knows I have one of those personalities that won't allow me to do anything half way. If I'm in,  I'm in........   and soo it is with slicing.  Every March, I eat, sleep and breathe the challenge in a way that makes others question my sanity, and me, my abilities.

While normal people do normal things, I frequently interrupt with my famous line " Hey,  give me a sec. I just wanna check on my blog."

" What's there to check?" they ask.....

What is there to check?...I ponder.....
Is anybody reading it? 
Do they like what I'm saying
Is anybody commenting? 

Mid-March vulnerabilities are crashing in and, if I'm honest, the numbers are none too impressive.....

So today's slice is a thank you, really.....

A thank you to the friends, the colleagues, the lifelines who share, unabashedly, each and every step of  this sometimes tumultuous journey. You understand my doubts without judging, you provide encouragement when I need it, and you never, ever abandon.

As with everything, vulnerabilities will come and go. But when they're here,  it's your voice that keeps me going, and for that  I'm eternally  grateful.


  1. We've had this conversation...and as I've said before, you are such an inspiration to me and this experience truly would not have been/ be the same if you were not part of it. I found a friend in you from that first year, 3 years ago? For this, I am forever thankful.

  2. Always. Without fail. Besides being an amazing writer, you are an amazing person. I too check my blog incessantly and get a smile every time I spot your name. :-)

  3. We are all very grateful for people who continue to nudge us to keep doing what we are doing. And yes, I do check my statistics too and question myself if what I wrote did make sense with the reader. After all, they keep us going. Jus like you, I made a post to thank people for their time the other day: We do this because reflect on what we do for the better.

  4. "If I'm in, I'm in." This is so true about you :)