Thursday, March 2, 2017



I was in the city, You were there, and it made my heart smile. It didn't matter the reason, as my heart always smiles when you're near. We talked, our words flowed easy as they have a habit of doing. We ran a gamut of subjects.....then we touched upon your father. You had so much to say, the emotions gushed out....a side of you I'd never seen.  Tears streamed, your voice cracked, spewing a jumble of words that could only really be understood by you. I could feel your pain, your fear.... I ached with helplessness, not knowing how to comfort you.....

It was time to move on. We both had things we needed to do, people to meet. You said you were hungry, together we walked to your car. I begged you to find a way to let me know you were alright. Now, the tears were in my eyes. I'll send the message in a book, you promised. We both smiled. 

I woke up, tears still in my eyes, making me realize that I'm much more concerned that I realized. So, I will say to you, as I said in my dream, please let me know that you're alright.


  1. This is just beautiful. I love how you make me feel as thought I am right alongside this conversation.

  2. This piece just hits you right in the gut, lady. Your care and love streams right out of every line. Hugs to you as you gave hugs to her.