Sunday, March 11, 2018

The Box

The box, wrapped in gold paper sparkled brilliantly, reflecting magical speckles of shimmering light onto the ceiling of the sun drenched room. I approached it with a mix of excitement and curiosity, having no idea what to expect. Wrapped with an artistic precision I couldn't help but admire, I wanted nothing more than to tear open the incredible paper, but I didn't.

Instead, I stood, enveloped in the warmth provided by the morning sun, and appreciated the moment. After all, did it really matter what was inside the box? The experience alone felt something like love. 


  1. Such a vivid description! I feel the warmth of the sun in that room with you. That last line - "the experience alone felt something like love." So many thoughts running through my mind!

  2. Very nice- but I have to know- what was in the box?!?! Your patience and appreciation of the moment are lovely. :-)