Wednesday, March 21, 2018


Oh my, it's that time again. 

I do this every night.....fuss,fret,worry....what am I going to wear tomorrow? What's so stressful about choosing an outfit?, you ask. Well, let me give you the three main problems I am running into. 

1.) It's Springtime in Chicago. Weather on a roller coaster. 

2.) Our library's heat has a mind of it's own. A mind that changes all the time. I'm either shivering or perspiring, Sometimes both on the same day.

But those two reasons pale in comparison to reason number 3. 

3.) You see, I'm an in-betweener. Too big for my old clothes and too stubborn to buy new. So, every night I use my creativity trying to find an outfit that'll get me through another day. 

So, with that being said, I will stop writing and start scrounging. Look out closet!! Here I come!

God only knows what you'll see me in tomorrow. 


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