Monday, March 4, 2013

A sad realization

It wasn’t all that long ago
Outlandish as it seems
I believed that could save the world
But of course 'twas just a dream

I embraced that dream with fervor
as I gave my heart and soul
to those I thought would need me most
And it made me feel whole

The hurt, the sad, the lonely
the sick and the abused
I thought my love could change their lives
but in the end, they'd usually lose

Yes, I believed back then I’d save the world
But in retrospect I see
How silly my ambitions were
For in truth, I can’t save me


  1. I didn't see the end coming. The optimist in me assumed you may have closed the poem on a hopeful note, remarking how you may not be able to save the world, but with small gestures you do your part...or something of that nature. I like that you ended how you did. It impacted me. It also made me question, How are we in need of saving? What are be being saved from? From despair and darkness? Aren't those and inevitable aspect of life? I think of hope and courage- to believe in the light, and carry on-even throughout the darkness. And btw.. for the record... you seem to me to be quite your own heroine. I'm really enjoying your writing Dar.

  2. Let me begin by saying I read your blog everyday and find also enjoy your writing.

    I truly appreciate for your perspective on this piece. I've always considered myself to be the "glass is half full" type of girl, and personally find this piece a bit offensive to those with optimistic tendencies. However, in creating this blog, I decided I would remain true to myself, and post honestly, even though it's sometimes "ugly". lol

    Ultimately, I do not believe people need to be saved from "despair and darkness", but rather encouraged to find hope and courage when their own light has been temporarily extinguished......Thankfully, I have amazing family and friends who continue to do that for me. (THEY are saving me, one person at a time.)

  3. Thank you for sharing from the heart.
    A beautiful and thoughtful poem. I would if I could, airmail you a hug today.