Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Through the lens of a child

“We must look at the lens through we see the world, as well as the world we see, and that, the lens itself shapes how we interpret the world.” 
Stephen R. Covey

One of lives greatest gifts is the ability to perceive the world as we choose. Our lenses are all unique.  It’s up to us how we decide to use them.

There’s nothing quite as wondrous as observing toddlers as they interact with each other and the world around them. With a brand new pair of lenses, pure and squeaky clean, they have the unique ability to see things as God intended them to be seen. They don't know, or care, about race or creed or status, and are only beginning to learn about greed....

Adults, on the other hand, accumulate multiple pairs of lenses, (Parent, child, sibling, friend, student, caregiver, employer/employee, co-worker, neighbor, etc.), and are expected to wear them not only simultaneously, but responsibly at all times.

Having said that, its understandable how clarity can dull or diminish as time goes by. Today, even as I write this, I’m busy polishing up my own pairs of blurry lenses, anticipating the sweet memories of how it feels to to view the world through the lens of a child…..

Who knows? I may even go out and build a snowman!!!!!!!!!:-)



  1. "are expected to wear them not only simultaneously, but responsibly at all times." So sad but true. I think you should most certainly build a snowman. How happy life would be if we could put the childhood lenses on daily.

  2. Darlene, did you build a snowman?
    I really find it hard to read the font you have chosen for your blog. Maybe it is my 54 year old eyes.
    I love your writing. The Stephen Covey quote was good for my tired eyes.

  3. Our experiences definitely change the lens we use to view the world. You've given me food for thought on this night. Hope you had fun with the snow.