Saturday, March 30, 2013

Everything happens for a reason.....

Everyone knows the old saying "Everything happens for reason".
In fact, I've have used this phrase as a personal reference in a multitude of situations throughout my life, even not fully aware of what the "reason" is in the vast majority of those circumstances.  Yesterday, however, a situation occurred to where I was able to see the phrase in action as the "reason" played out before my very eyes. Allow me to explain:
Every so often my family travels 6 hours by car to visit parents.  In these tough economic times, carpooling is key; so it didn't surprise me when my oldest son decided he would carpool and split the gas with either my other son, who has a spacious truck, or with my daughter and I in his Cadillac or her small Saturn Ion.
Well, needless to say, we ended up with the most uncomfortable 6 hour option, my daughter's Saturn. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a snob and I am very thankful for my daughter's car, but given the choice, it didn't make sense in my logical mind for three very long-legged people to embark on a 6-hour journey in most cramped of the three options. 
But there we were.....jammed, knees to chin, between luggage and pillows and blankets....sardines.....I ridiculous! Pouting....I dozed. eyes popped brain trying to assimilate the strange sound as my daughter eased the car onto the shoulder. We had blown a tire in the middle of nowhere.....and thankfully my son was there to rescue us....(my daughter and I were clueless).
On Monday, when we pack ourselves into the little Saturn, I will not pout...but be grateful.....because everything happens for a reason!!

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