Sunday, March 31, 2013

This Is Not Goodbye

It's Easter Sunday, everyone is doing their last minute preparations for egg hunts and ham dinners with the people they love. I'm visiting family in the middle of the country trying to summarize this journey that we've all gone through together over the past month. These are my thoughts:

1. I've grown as a writer.  At the beginning of this journey, I didn't realize how much of a challenge this would be. I've managed to push through writer's block and emote my deepest thoughts and feelings in words.

2. I've gained new friendships. It's amazing how well you get to know someone through their writing. You can see a person's personality through their words, I've thoroughly enjoyed getting to know each of you.

3. I've learned from you. I've enjoyed seeing the different writing techniques and styles, and incorporating them into my own writing.

4. It's been therapeutic. I've been through very trying times in the last year. This experience has served very well as a coping mechanism.

5. I've been inspired. I've decided to continue the challenge and keep writing.  It may not be every single day-but I want you all to know this is not goodbye.....this is "See you very soon!"

Happy Easter!


  1. You will write and post on Tuesdays, right? It's an amazing journey that only grows the longer you do it. I'm glad you've found this therapeutic but also a place to learn. We learn from each other.
    PS: I posted this link for you. :-) so others will find you easily. Your words need to be read.

  2. It has been an amazing month. I plan to stick around on Tuesdays as well.

  3. I'm glad you have enjoyed it! Last year was my first year slicing, and I've loved every minute of it. This is truly an amazing community! Your #2 is one of the best parts -- there are some slicers that I feel closer to than people I know in real life! That's the power of writing. Looking forward to "seeing" you on Tuesdays! :-)

  4. Happy Easter Dar! You know I adore you and I'm so happy that our paths have crossed...You're absolutely inspiring, as a writer and a human being. I'm excited that we will both be continuing the journey together. :)

  5. Darlene - you've always had stories ready to spill out...and some of us have been lucky enough to see and hear them before this challenge :-) This challenge was made for you! Can't wait to continue the journey with you on Tuesdays!!

  6. Happy Easter! So glad you were part of this challenge! Hope to see you on Tuesdays!

  7. I am glad we met. Delighted in fact. I hope to see you every Tuesday, and during the week as well if you write.