Thursday, March 28, 2013

Kelly Green & Karma

My best friend, Sandy, and I pulled into the parking lot.  Anxiously, I perked up and grasped desperately for the mirror hanging over the passenger seat.  Just a dab of his favorite lipstick should do the trick. I thought to myself, plotting inwardly.     I stepped out of the car in my most form-fitted bell-bottomed jeans, with a brand new kelly-green top that showed just enough, grinning to myself because kelly-green was his favorite color.

"Do you think SHE'S gonna be here?" Sandy said, interrupting my conniving thoughts. I looked at her and rolled my eyes.  She knew not to bring HER up in front of me; after all, SHE was the bane of my existence, SHE stole him away from me. Sandy gave me an apologetic look, "Sorry, love, just trying to prepare you  in case he did bring that no-good dir----" Jenna's words veered off into silence as she grabbed my arm, pulling me back to a complete stop.

"What?  What is it, Sandy?" I asked as I shrugged my arm out of hers.  Her face turned to pity as her puppy-dog eyes guided mine to the entrance.  My eyes sparkled for a moment as they focused on him, my one-time prince charming, looking dapper as ever, reminding me that I still loved him.  My dreamy glistening eyes suddenly turned to fury when just to his left I saw HER on his arm, wearing my same kelly-green shirt.

I'm embarrassed to tell you the words popped into my mind.....(If you read between the lines I'm sure you can figure those words out).....But, what  I will tell you is,  I wish I could have punched HER in the face.......but then, I was only a young girl......

Fortunately, I've matured considerably since that fateful night.....Older and wiser, I take the high road if someone upsets me. I refuse to wish harm on anyone, physically or otherwise.  After all..... "Karma will take care of everything", I say smugly about the offender, and karma is all I wish for....

It wasn't until I read my daughter's quote, (who's half my age), that I realized the truth....

"It's amazing how some people wish Karma to come back on Everyone EXCEPT for's easy to tell someone else "What Goes Around Comes Around" - look in the mirror, it applies to everyone." ~Julie Mitchell~

I suppose I'm quite not as mature as I perceive myself to be......:-)


  1. cool story Darlene!! Yes, we all have to grow up some time, don't we?! Or do we.....

  2. Oh my, that sounds like it could be a sitcom scene. Yes, we all have done and said things we wish we could take back...and that is all a part of learning. Glad you can write about it now. Jackie