Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Moments of indulgence....what I wish

I am not exactly sure when I wrote this, or why. But, reading it today brought me to tears.
I wish, with all my heart and soul, that I could re-live this "anonymous" morning. If I could....I promise you, the message would read much differently…..

 Moments of indulgence 
(What it read) 

This morning I decided to sleep in!! While hubby made breakfast, I sat quietly sipping my coffee, and making myself this long overdue promise. Before I tackle my over-sized "to do" list, I will take some time indulge...... Be it the sweet freshness of the cool breeze, the melodic sound of singing birds, or radiance of the golden sunlight. I will take the time to enjoy the absolute beauty of the moment......Here's hoping that everyone finds some time in their day to enjoy their own beautiful "moments of indulgence" :-) ♥

Moments of indulgence
(What I wish it read)

This morning I decided to let him sleep in!! After making his favorite breakfast, we sat together  quietly sipping our coffee. “I love you”, I  said tenderly, gazing into his eyes.

His eyes intense,sparkled with emotion as he reached over to caress my cheek “We are so lucky”, he whispered earnestly, “to have found each other.”  

Nodding in agreement, I close my eyes. Savoring the moment, I make myself this promise.  

Today, I will forget about my over-sized to do list. Instead, I will use my time wisely, by indulging in God’s most precious gifts; the freshness of the cool breeze, the melodic singing of the birds, the golden radiance of the sunlight, and the enjoying the company of the man I love.....Here’s hoping that everyone finds some time to enjoy their own beautiful moments of indulgence, and enjoy each and every precious moment they have with the ones they love.

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  1. Just beautiful...hope everyone finds time to enjoy with those they love too.