Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Some words are better left unsaid

I listened carefully from the next room.  Knowing the boys, their relationship, and the exceedingly emotional topic at hand, my "mother antennae" was on full alert.

“Are you bitter at ME?” The younger boy asked, suddenly.

I knew it had begun….

“Yes”, the other answered quietly, "he was my father".

Perhaps it was guilt, perhaps it was Jack Daniels, perhaps the younger boy really didn't get it….
It was incomprehensible to me, but he needed an explanation.
My heart thumped erratically as the elder boy expounded. Offering several illustrations as to how circumstances could have/should have played out differently.
He was hurting, but his patience never waned.
Even when younger boy’s words were filled with blatant contradictions
The elder boy, aware of his lies, chose to let it go.
I did not….
But some words are better left unsaid......

To be continued....

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  1. Yes, some things are better left unsaid. Now I am curious for the rest of the story.