Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A City Girl at Heart!

Memories of my beloved city.....

Red lights, Green lights, flashing lights
blinding reflections of sunlight

Throngs of faceless strangers
Native and visitor
walking together
shoulder to shoulder
fast paced
destinations varied
so many to choose from
shops after beautiful shop

Peppers, Onions
Garlic, sauces, gravies
Pasta and rice
Fish, Poultry, meat
Ethnicity in all her Glory
Some healthy
Some not
all supreme

Popcorn, Ice cream
all flavors
fresh bread, cookies
Fresh spices
Fresh brewed coffee
Italian Ice

Sirens, horns, screeching tires
Voices nondescript
Diverse slices of music
Pulsing from corners
Shops and cars
Chaotically harmonious
to my ears

My senses satisfied, I casually stroll back to my peaceful tree-line street, and my stomach growls in anticipation. The mouthwatering aroma or pastrami emanating from the small brown sack is beginning to take it's toll.   

Shifting my weight, I adjust the shopping back of second hand books and pick up my pace. The melodious sound of St. Michael's bell's chiming in the background, add to my exaltation.

This has been a very good day, I smile.

Oh, how I miss you my beautiful, glorious city........I will always be a city girl at heart! 


  1. When you end with books, of course it is a good day!

  2. What a nice picture of your experience. The sights and sounds come through so clearly. It's nice to go back to our roots when we can.

  3. You've captured the heart of the city like the city has captured your heart. It made me want to go experience the city.

  4. so clear and beautiful. fantastic slice!!