Tuesday, March 25, 2014



It's been 546 days
9 hours and 58 minutes since I last smoked a cigarette. 
But quitting smoking is not what this blog is about.....Instead, I've decided to talk about about the reasons 
I- (we) ever started such an awful habit to begin with
As a baby boomer, smoking....most definitely, was a generational thing. 
Today, smokers are forced to hide in a dark corners and back alleys for fear of societal flogging.
But things were different in my world...
So, rather than write, allow me share with you in pictures (each worth 1000 words) 
how differently "my" generation portrayed smoking. You'll see doctors and dentists, actors, actresses, athletes, and mothers.... You'll see promises for a better life. Be it beauty,romance, happiness,  patience, self esteem, sex appeal, or adventure, those little cylindrical rolls of tobacco promised to give us the one thing we really wanted.
To be cool!!
So take a jaunt with me 
 down memory lane
and be amazed
at what my
taught us
Smoking "was" the epitome of cool!





  1. Things is the U.S. have changed. In the Middle East it is still everywhere. I was just at a pre-school birthday party with several moms smoking throughout the party. It's still Kool here. (Although I've never see that brand in these parts. Does it even exist anymore?)

  2. OMG....I mean OMG!!! Darlene - first things first - CONGRATULATIONS for quitting!!! I am so proud of you!!! I don't know first-hand, but many family members have quit and I've seen how hard it is. You are a strong woman and you DID IT!!!! Second -YIKES! Those ads are the scariest things I've ever seen. That first one - "Take a puff - it is Springtime" And the one about the Doctors who smoke Camels. Unbelievable how times have changed. WOW.

  3. These ads are UNREAL. Ronald Reagan? Fred and Wilma? More doctors smoke Camels... Unbelievable!!! It's scary and such an apt depiction of the potential bs of media driven advertisement. and although this wasn't about quitting.... Congrats on your 546 days. I know how hard it is and you deserve to be proud. :)

  4. More doctors smoke Camels more than any other cigarette! Holy moly, I never seen that one before! Insane! It's been almost 4 years since I quit and I still get the urge every now and then. I have a smokers mentality and personality. I still feel like my smoking habit was like an old friend that I don't see anymore. It really is a different smokers world this day and I have to say I'm glad for that. I hope my sons never pick it up!

  5. Wow- how times have changed! I've noticed this is older picture books and older kids movies- there are often people smoking, but not in recent ones. Congratulations on quitting-you should be so proud!