Monday, March 17, 2014




You walked my way
I did not speak
but hid my tongue
within my cheek

I walked, you followed
with that phony smile
you asked me to sit 
and chat for awhile

But I've learned your ways
so I refused
to be a part
I could only lose

So Syrupy sweet
you appear to be
but your ugliness
is now clear to me

So I'm done with you
and your cutting words
your love of gossip
is just absurd!


  1. These words cleverly and pointedly spoke of what we meet in every walk of life...and once we recognize it we can chose to fall into it...or be done with it. This could be made into a poster! Jackie

  2. Love this piece! It is so hard to stay away from people like that- way to be strong and be true to who you are.

  3. A hint of Shel Silverstein in your poem! Catchy, but serious. Great post!

  4. Dar,
    I have missed you. Is there any way to subscribe to your blog?
    Your poem full of strong images. Good job setting boundaries and not engaging in gossip.

  5. BAM! In your face, fakness! I love this slice. It's a stick-it-to-the-man kind of piece that needs to be written with kind anonymous words. Too kind for that kind. You are so smart with how you phrase your poetry. Really, almost lyrical. Love it, Darlene! Keep them coming!!!

    My fav:
    "So Syrupy sweet
    you appear to be
    but your ugliness
    is now clear to me"

  6. Wow! I like this, Darlene. I don't think I've read anything like this from you. Different emotion here and not even the rhyming softens the edge! Message heard LOUD and CLEAR!

  7. ooooo, this is clever! I feel it sometimes and you put it into such lovely, biting words. I love it!

  8. Ha! I LOVE it! Awesome line: I've learned your ways, I refuse to be apart!-priceless. I think we are dancing on the same street!