Sunday, March 16, 2014

Keep the luster alive.....

Love and friendship, like precious diamonds, have many facets than cannot observed with the naked eye. Sometimes we forget that ALL facets are equally essential to the unique brilliance we desire....When the little things cease to be important, we begin to lose the luster...... til one day we wake up and wonder how we ended up with a dull piece of glass.....

What inspired me to write these words?  I don't remember.  But I do know from personal experience they are key maintaining a long, meaningful relationship. 

My son is getting married.....

For months, my daughter has been working on creating the perfect scrapbook for the bride and groom to be. Pages and pages of advice, pictures, quotes, and words of wisdom from friends and family members. 

Of course, being procrastination queen,  I've yet to finish mine, and am in a time crunch.

 I have words that endlessly twirl in my brain; pages I've written, only to be tossed aside. 

This is important, and I am kind of liking the words I wrote above.

After all, isn't it little things that count? ....the smile, the caress, the kind words, the gratitude, the " not going to bed angry", the I'm sorry's , the listening, the sharing , the forgiveness.....the making time for each other, even when the rest of the world seems out of control. 

So, while I haven't still haven't decided all my "my page"  will entail, I do it will include

Remembering the little things, and keeping the luster alive. 


  1. I enjoyed your analogy here!

  2. You HAVE to include yours wise words from the beginning. Beautiful sentiment and so very very true. Tailor how you want, but it is perfect as is! And congrats on your son getting married! How exciting! :)

  3. Yep, I think you're on to something here. It is the little things, and I think that's exactly how it happens - all of a sudden you look, and it's lost it's luster. For us, it's been "remember eachother". You know, don't get so caught up in the adorable kids and the busy work schedules and forget about one another.

    You'll find the exact perfect words for your page, Darlene. You will.

  4. Include the first paragraph when you do it. It's a fantastic start.

    You'll find the right words. Besides, as Lucy Calkins has said, the first words you write are anyone's words. It's once you revise that you find the words that come from you and your heart.

  5. It's most certainly the little things. The things that seem small to others but make your day shine. Love your beginning. Be sure to use that. And what a thoughtful gift for the bride and groom.

  6. You are so great with words, that you will have no trouble finding those bits of wisdom:)

  7. Yes! Powerful message there that is perfectly fitting for the occasion! Perhaps a connection between the keeping the luster alive in both the little things - the diamond ring on her finger and the big things - the love. I don't know. Lovely sentiment you have going and so many directions to take it. Best of luck getting there. You are onto something and CONGRATS on the big event!