Saturday, March 15, 2014

I See Treasures.....

                                                           What to do you see?
I see an eighteen year old boy, going out on his own for the very first time.
I see a mother, crying, praying, pleading with God to keep her only child safe.
I see a brave, strong, handsome young man, wearing a uniform, proud to serve the country he loves..
I see a girl, her pretty eyes brimming with tears, clinging tightly to the boy she loves, begging him not to go.
I see the sadness and pride of small farming community as they watch another one of their own go away during war time.
I see the Korean War.
I see vintage stamps adorning the fragile, "yellowed" envelopes that are filled with sweet surprises.  
I see an opportunity to follow a mother's heart as it pours into each envelope; hopes, prayers and words of wisdom for her boy overseas.
I see a son who anxiously anticipates receiving them, and never fails to respond. 
I see a form of precious communication that needs no help from: facebook, twitter, email, or text messages. 
I see beautiful cursive with perfect punctuation.
I see black and white photos curled with time
I see "slices of life" lovingly packed away.......for me..... my grandchildren....
I see a world, as viewed through the eyes of my ancestors.
I see treasures.........


  1. What a lovely way to bring the photo alive with images, in your words. what a treasure indeed! a family history in the context of a historical event, cool!

  2. I see a world as viewed through the eyes of my ancestors. What a beautiful line. Really makes me think. Thank You!

  3. I see a world...perfection in words Darlene. For real. My mom and dad met when he was home on leave and he wrote her endless letters while on his ship during the Vitenam War. I loved reading those notes when I was younger- each meticulously written and treasured from there to here. Thanks for the memory...via yours.

  4. I see your photo and am reminded of my youth; fuzzy and full of memories. Both this and your words capture that. God, a world with out social media, that was not too long ago. Neither was cursive. I miss cursive :)

  5. I see a world....I love this whole piece. What you see, what the picture makes you think of. Everything about this is perfect. What great word choice!!

  6. This is beautiful, Darlene! The repetition and word choice work well together. Well done! I miss hand-written letters and real photographs that we could hold in our hands.

  7. Beautiful slice, Darlene! "I see treasures." It makes me think about my grandparents. I wish I had a letter, a photo, or something more than a memory of them. How lucky you are to have something more.