Monday, March 31, 2014

Love, Mom

My Son

I remember when I carried you
We watched my belly grow
We talked, we dreamed, prayed for you
with a love you'll one day know

We hadn't even met you
but loved you from the start
the tiny little person
that forever would steal our hearts

We rejoiced at your arrival
our joy we could not hide
our gift sent straight from heaven
we hugged, we laughed, we cried

No schools and no manuals
but we did the best we knew
to prepare you for this journey called life
The years they quickly flew

Yesterday is now today
And the time for me has come
to silently appreciate
the fine man you've become.

I know you'll both be happy
as together you share life
and I vow to give you both my love...
My beautiful son, and your beautiful "soon to be" wife.


  1. Gorgeous, poem, Darlene. Just gorgeous. Congrats to your son on his engagement/upcoming wedding!

    Reading this of course made me think of Maddie and Katie. I just cannot imagine them someday getting married!!

  2. Now that's just a wonderful way to cap off this whole month. I love this poem and all that it stands for. I hope that one day my sons bring home wonderful women that too can vow to love. I hope this is a gift for them? Congrats, Mother of the Groom!

  3. I agree, a great way to end the challenge. And something I hope you share with them. If he is anything like you- he's amazing. Congratulations mom in law to be. :-)

  4. This made me tear up- so beautiful! What a great Mom to welcome his soon to be wife into your heart just like you did with him.

  5. Love the poem. Love the message. Love that I can feel how proud and happy you are!
    What a great way to end this month of Slicing!

  6. Wow!! So powerful. So wonderful. So perfect. Congratulations!!

  7. What a sweet and lovely poem! Like so much of your writing, this poem is filled with emotion. Your love for your son rings clear in every word!