Sunday, March 30, 2014


Today, I will relish each drop of sunshine
Today, I will smile at everyone I see
Today, I will do something special "just for myself"
Today, I will do something special for someone else. 
Today, I will make positive contributions to "our" planet
Today, I will be grateful....for the opportunity 

Today, rather than rebuke myself for lack of accomplishment, I'll applaud myself for moments well spent.

Tonight, I will prepare myself for an even better tomorrow......... 


  1. I wonder what your something specials and positive contributions were, your moments well spent.

  2. I love the ending....preparing yourself for an even better tomorrow. So positive. So uplifting!

  3. Today, I too, relish every drop of sunshine! I am wondering what you consider positive contributions to our planet? Recycling? Today, I wish you many words of encouragement!

  4. Such excellent reflection! I agree, I need to think positive about tomorrow starting today! Just love this!!!

  5. I love how you always have hidden meaning within you lines of text. Always a hint at something or other to stop and make me ponder, or smell the roses if you will. Today I will be grateful...for the opportunity as well! :)