Thursday, March 20, 2014

The friend in my drawer

Okay, I'll be the first to admit you you're not quite as "cute" as you used to be, and while my friends are too tactful, say it, I'm pretty sure they wonder why I continue to wear you. My guess is,  if you were able to speak, you'd ask me the very same thing. This morning as I pulled you from my dresser drawer, I could almost hear you're groan.." Please, don't you think it's time to let me go?"

No way, I smile cheerfully yanking you up and over my hips....."I ll never let you go"!

The truth is: I love you you!

I love you, in spite of....noooo, because of your imperfections. Your once crisp indigo denim has long been reduced to faded threadbare patches soft smooth fabric, divulging your true age. Random blotches of color tell colorful tales of the over zealous bleach bottles, summers of yard work, and painting projects gone awry. Your fraying edges, (which I prefer to call fringe), reveal endless memories of me walking barefoot, on sidewalks, blacktop, and lush green grass, absorbing the warmth of sunshine with every spirited, loving life, you were there with me....through good times and bad.....

So today, as we once again  face the world together, I will not be apologetic for my lack of fashion. Instead I will revel in the fact that I can always find a comfortable old friend just by looking in my dresser drawer


  1. I understand! A favorite pair of pants is worth more than all the fashion in the world...and I like fashion!

  2. I love your title- it made me want to read your slice right away- I was intrigued. My favorite line is "I love you, in spite of....noooo, because of your imperfections."- it can apply to so many things! Great slice!