Monday, March 24, 2014

The Gift of Gloom...

The sky
steely gray
hovers woefully
over the horizon of barren trees
Broken, brittle, battered by hostile winds
desolate, lifeless
abandoned by God.

An endless wintry drizzle chills me to the bone
adding to the familiar mood of melancholy
While nature meticulously paints her picture of gloom and despair
the lonesome song of a train whistle accompanies her in perfect harmony. Her portrayal of sadness, artfully drenched in aesthetic appeal

These days should be embraced, not shunned.

Giving us permission to "feel" blue
and perhaps shed a tear or two....
they promote us to heal our wounds from

For today's gloom is but a precursor
to a bright and beautiful tomorrow.


  1. This is beyond beautiful Darlene. The sadness is overwhelming but plays even with the hope. You really have a gift with words. I'd like to share this with my mom and aunt if that's alright with you. It would bring comfort to them I think. It has with me.

  2. Thank you so much Kim, and please feel free to share....always:-) XOXO

  3. You beautifully captured the gloom of these days and transformed it into hope.

  4. So beautiful! I agree- sometimes you need those gloomy days- they help you appreciate the really great ones! Great use of word choice here- lots of powerful images especially "Broken, brittle, battered by hostile winds desolate, lifeless
    abandoned by God"

  5. Darlene this is unbelievably beautiful in a dark way. It hits with such powerful words that are sad but vivid. I keep re-reading trying to figure out which part stands out to me the most. "Broken, brittle, battered by hostile winds
    desolate, lifeless abandoned by God." is exactly how it feels when you look at the photo and think of how much this winter hurts. So well written. You are such a poet!

  6. "The sky/ steely gray/ hovers woefully..." and, "An endless wintry drizzle chills..." What gorgeous imagery you create here... I feel it. And I absolutely love the idea of embracing the, "steely gray," days, with the refreshing promise of a bright and beautiful tomorrow. Love!