Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Today I am sick!

It's all about work ethic.....and it makes me CRAZY!!

This morning I called in sick!

Why? Because I'm sick! Simple, right?   Not so much, not for me. 

You see, even when I'm sick, missing work has always been a big problem for me. Feeling guilty, like I was letting others down.

So, unless was delirious with fever or unable to remove myself from the porcelain throne, I was obsessed with the idea going to work.....

For instance, this morning, even with minimal sleep and a multitude of  flu-like symptoms, I dragged myself out of bed, into the frigid darkness to shovel what turned out to be excessively heavy snow. (Because I needed to go to work)

But this time my body revolted  "No!" it exclaimed loud and clear.

Weak and shaky from a combination of illness, shoveling, and loss of spring chicken status, my body had finally had enough!   Take off warned me, dramatically threatening to collapse. 

I did, with a promise to take things more seriously.


In the future I my plan to follow my own advice:
  • Stay home if you don't feel well.....
  • People would prefer you to stay home if you are potentially contagious 
  • Your body is sending you need to take them seriously.
  • You need to rest Missing one day now can save you from missing several days, later.
  • And finally, you are needed, but you can only give 100% to others when you are healthy yourself.
  • Be honest with yourself, if you'rd sick, you'r sick.

Today, I am sick!!


  1. Here, Here....I fully agree with you. If you are sick, You're sick. Thanks for not infecting the rest of us!! I will remember your advice, and stick to them myself.
    Feel better!!

  2. Feel better Darlene! Glad you decided to rest!

    Loss of spring chicken status.... Ha ha ha

  3. Even when sick you are crafty with your words (that would be very spring chicken of you). Feel better!