Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Nowhere to Run!

She eased herself into the scorching hot shower, consciously inhaling the warm cleansing steam deep into her lungs.  The intense heat did nothing to relieve the throbbing in her head, but it did help to clear mind and assemble her thoughts. Tentatively, she patted dry her tender skin, and stood in front of the full length mirror long enough to assess the damage. Jeans and a  sweatshirt, she reasoned, would hide the welts, but her face was a different story. "You're hideous", she murmured through clenched teeth......"and I hate you!!!"

It was time.....
Powered by the adrenaline of anger and fear, she moved at lightening speed, dumping the contents of her backpack onto the bed. No need for Math or History books, she thought bitterly as she shoved clothes into the canvas bag. For a moment she considered packing the picture of her mom, but quickly  decided against it. Her sister should have it.  The thought of leaving her sister sickened her, but what choice did she have? 

There was no time for thinking, no time for regrets.

The frigid air ripped at the fragile flesh on her cheek, a somber warning of what was to come, but  refusing to acknowledge the premonition, she focused only on the promise of the rising sun....

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  1. Darlene this piece is so incredibly powerful. I fear it to be true, it is heartbreaking on every possible letter and you still told it with perfection.