Tuesday, March 10, 2015

As it is in dreams

We walked, for what seemed like hours, mud up to our knees, trudging diagonally upward to reach our destination,  my sister's house, I believe.  Can't make it, mud too thick and heavy, we must turn back.
Sara, (my niece) appears suddenly in front of me, How? Why, did that happen? This apparition bares no resemblance, yet, instinctively I know it is her....as it is in dreams

I talk to her boyfriend, explaining in great detail the complexities of our family relationship. I listen to my voice as I tell the story. I am impressed with it's objectivity. No anger, no hurt. No resentment or other emotion. Nothing to complicate, simply facts, eloquently spoken with well chosen vocabulary. He appears to listen, and understand, he does not seem to judge. (It is only occurs to me later that he will tell Sara, and problems will resurface......but it doesn't really matter because the scene shifts.....as it is in dreams

I find myself in a room, in a house. I do not recognize the house, yet it is familiar. My father sits in the left hand corner of the room.....other family members float in and out but my father's presence is dominant. He doesn't speak, but yet communicates perfectly.....as it is in dreams....

Suddenly, I 'm acutely aware of a dog in another room....voices yelling about calling (the police?) stating he has bit kids before....I panic, knowing they are talking about (my son's dog) Harley. I get up to run and find them. Johnny is cradling Harley in his arms . He doesn't seem upset. He  simply states that that "Harley is hyper", and continues to cradle him. I find myself wanting to to protect Harley, I reach out......I must help him before it;s too late....but then, as it is in dreams, I wake up.

Wanting to go back to find out what happens next, but I cannot return......because, you can never go back....that is, as it is in dreams.....

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  1. aaaahhh! Go back! This just grabs the reader and pulls them into your dream.