Monday, March 9, 2015

Fly Guys and Elephants

"Guess what I've got?" I ask enthusiastically, ans the kindergartners settled  down for story time. 

"What?" They asked, excitedly,  pretending they didn't already know.

Dramatically, I unveil the coveted book, holding it  high in the air for all to admire. "Fly Guy Presents Sharks".

"Ooooh, Yayyyyyy" They respond in unison!! "We love Fly Guy!!!, and they dooooo!! But kindergartners love also love to read about many trucks and Disney princesses, Hot Wheels and Dr. Seuss, Dinosaurs, kittens, puppies, and of  course, anything by Mo. Mo Willems......and Tedd Arnold. They are the authors that rule in Kindergarten......  

Pre K, on the other hand is overwhelmingly prefers Mo Willems. That being said, I've made it my personal goal to find,and read, every Piggie and Elephant book ever made, and so far, I believe I have succeeded. Because of that, I've become pretty popular in room 21......Luckily for me, the Pre-K teachers give them provide them with a variety of books and authors preparing their young minds for a literary world. 

Most enjoyable are the older students. those who developing their skills and developing  a very sophisticated palate when choosing their genres or authors: Teachers can often be recognized through the choices these young readers make. Christopher,  Cleary, Dahl,   DiCamillo,  Gaiman, Hahn, Korman, Scieszka, Spinelli, Palacio, and Riordan are just a few of the authors they search for by name, and then their are the series..... Naruto, Ninjago, Wimpy Kid, Big Nate, Stick Dog,  Dork Diaries, Mind Craft, Amulet, Smile, Lunch Lady, Percy Jackson, Ready Freddy, and 39 Clues, Harry Potter, and Hunger Games, Scary Stories, and Goosbumps, are just a few of the "must haves"......that must be kept readily available.

In a few short months I've learned the likes, dislikes, and sometimes fickle minds of our young readers.......with any luck, this is only the beginning of a very interesting journey......

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  1. I LOVE that you know so much about the readers in our school. Even more so that those authors that they are finding are some of my favorites as well. We're lucky to work in such a place. :-)