Thursday, March 19, 2015

Finding a way back

"I don't know what to do!" she exclaimed in her melodramatic way. "I am just beyond exhausted and can't seem to pull it together! It's as though I've.... nothing left to give....."

Her friend didn't speak, but nodded knowingly.

"Seriously", she added, her tone bordering desperation,  "Do you understand what I mean?  I mean.... It's like I'm lost or.....I don't know, I feel as though I'm...."
...... Her voice trailed off.....

"A sell out?" her friend, whispered

"Yes!  That's it! That's EXACTLY what I mean!" she bellowed with a sudden burst of energy, " A give up your dream, sell your soul to the devil, lie to yourself, lie to the world,  detest what you stand for, sell out!" Feeling suddenly drained, she she plopped down listlessly into a chair. "How?  She asked finally,  "did it ever come to this?"

"I don't know", her friend responded dismally, "but I'm not gonna lie, I'm right there with you."

For a moment they sat silently lost in thoughts of yesteryear, then with a sigh, began gathering their things,.

"Do you think it'll ever be like it was? Do you think we'll will find a way back?" Her question lingered dark, heavy, like a shadow of doom.. Suddenly anxious, she searched her friend's face for an answer......

"Of course we will!!, "Her friend responded with a smile; but her eyes told a whole different story.......


  1. What a way you have with dialogue! An excerpt from the novel you're working on, perhaps?

  2. Such an honest, vivid snippet :) So brief, yet speaks volumes on the realities of frustration and feeling stifled... Luckily, we know for the better part, we hold the ability to write our own life story... To brave the page or life script with honest truth, all your own... with hope and optimism, in whichever avenue...You're a source of inspiration, Dar. Even your self-proclaimed, "dark side," resonates light.