Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Thanks to our children

Keeping the Dream Alive
There is something amazingly beautiful about being part of a culturally diverse district, something that can never be replicated, something that I'd never trade. Something so pure that even after all these years it warms my heart and gives me hope. Something, that up until today, I could never find the words to express. 

Today, I found inspiration on facebook. The picture above, along with the words below, are part of an actual post that expresses exactly what I wish to convey. 

These words would mean nothing coming from me......but oh how perfect coming from the mouth of babes. 


"Mom, can I tell you something weird?" 

Me: "Sure."

"I really can't wait for Martin Luther King Day"

Me: "That's not weird, it sounds like you're really inspired by him."

"Yeah, because if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be able to play with my friend."

A special thanks to Monica for sharing this post, and a special thanks to our children who continue to keep the dream alive. 



  1. Beautiful, Darlene. Maddie recently said about her friend, Dashanti: Her skin is brown and mine is light. Cool.

    Cool, indeed, Maddie. And a beautiful thing to see.

  2. You always inspire me, Darlene. You are always so positive, appreciative and sincere! What a neat topic to write about. Even better that you found another's words to describe your feelings! Nice slice!

  3. Children are our hope indeed. They see the world and its beauty so clearly. May we always listen to them.