Saturday, March 28, 2015


Tonight I indulged in the gift of friendship.......

Moments shared, memories created, bonds irrevocably weaved into the fabric of our being....

Tonight we applauded successes, encouraged dreams, and took a stroll or two down Memory Lane. 

Listening, sharing, we collected pearls of wisdom like seashells in the sand, each of us a little richer for the experience. 

It' s been said, we attract people into our lives whose character mirrors our own. Tonight, as I reflect on my amazing circle of friends, I can only hope this is true.

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  1. "...indulged in the gift of friendship." How powerful. It makes me think...are we deserving of such friendships, do we take them for granted, do we foster them enough, devote enough time to them...? But true friendships don't even question? They survive no matter what...they understand. What a tribute to friendships, Darlene. Great slice!