Monday, March 30, 2015

Perpetual Chaos

It's an inherent thing.... smoldering just beneath the surface
It can't be described nor can it be curbed.
When just erupts, it's ferocity is intimidates all that lies it its path.

Afflicted souls, despise it's power. Clinging  Yet, it's very presence gives them life. Its energy, a driving force, compels them to do most everything they do.

Those who love them continually find ways to tolerate, forgive, and excuse the behavior caused by this perpetual chaos, while constantly seeking to understand.
Others...sharing a common demon, revile them for their ways, denounce and cast blame.
Trapped in collective paranoia, they fear not only each other, but the wretchedness they see in themselves.


Eventually, they will know....understand, comprehend.
They will seek to evolve, find the next find the light

but that is best left for another blog......

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