Friday, March 4, 2016


Stepping into the veil of blackness, familiarity guides my slippered feet effortlessly down the shadowy staircase to my favorite morning spot. Sinking into the overstuffed chair, I luxuriate in the pleasant fogginess of  my sleepy brain as it gently dissipates into the pre-dawn stillness I've come to cherish.

These moments are precious, pure, but oh, so brief. Outside, the sounds of a waking world are beginning to filter in.  SIGH.

With a final stretch, I rise, my pup Misty following close at my heels.

And so it begins.....

As is our routine, coffee in hand, I watch as she squeezes, tail wagging wildly, through a barely open door. Wrapped in my robe, I hug myself tightly and inhale. The sweet briskness of morning air gives me an exhilarating jolt, as my eyes scan for the last remnants of twilight.

Above the rooftops, all signs of the darkness have disappeared; Replaced with colors unique only to God's palette, gloriously infused with golden hues, fresh hopes, and promises of new beginnings.....

 AHHHHH...... MORNING!!! Don't you just love it??????????


  1. What a perfect, beautiful moment you have captured. So peaceful. I think I may have held my breath the whole way through. I love the quiet stillness of the morning. SIGH... :) love this.

  2. There you go again, making me just feel all the feels. Geez. I kind of like mornings after reading this and let me tell you, I hate mornings. lol

  3. This is so pretty. "I hug myself tightly and I inhale." I am doing that (minus the hugging) as I sit and read your slice. It feels good! Getting air into the old lungs. What a beautiful morning you've described!