Saturday, March 5, 2016

Intuitively we know....

Intuitively we knew.....

The bond was there from the moment we met. A mutual recognition, too tangible to ignore, hung perceptibly in the air. Inexplicably, we connected, no need to converse.  A silent recognition that shall not be broken.

Untainted by words or reduced by logic,  it  transcends all limits of  the imagination, allowing only the integrity of truth to shine through.

No, it cannot be proven, nor does it matter. For connected souls are eternal, silence is golden, and

Intuitively we know......


  1. Very beautiful! The imagery is so powerful!

  2. This is great Darlene! You have this ability to use so few words to convey so much. I learn from you every post.

  3. How do you do this???? I am continually in awe of your writing. It is beautiful.

  4. Beautiful! Just beautiful!