Saturday, March 26, 2016

Her final pirouette

She dances for the sake of sanity.
Regrets flowing 'round her like a sparkling veil,
she closes her eyes and sways.
Finding the rhythm of a heart she used to know,
she twirls again, and again, and again.
Savoring each tiny beam, 
as sunlight washes over her shoulders.
She dances for the sake of sanity
seeking only to find peace
'til she day she performs her final pirouette.


  1. So much story in this one. It's beautiful Darlene.

  2. So much emotion expressed in this rich poem. "Regrets flowing 'round her like a sparkling veil....sunlight washes over her shoulders..." It's both beautiful and sad. It's also interesting to see how repetition can be used and what it does for a piece. "She dances for the sake of sanity,"...I like how your use of repetition with this line seems to create a sense of urgency, like there's this desperate NEED to dance. And the end...very dramatic.

  3. "Finding the rhythm in the heart she used to know." What a beautifully poignant line. Poetic tragedy at its best. My God. Also, love the ironic imagery of regrets flowing around her like a sparkling veil. Funny how limitations, when routine, can actually be the more comfortable option. This is beautiful, Darlene. Every bit. (and bonus? I love the picture you included. It's perfect.)