Sunday, March 27, 2016

Rocking chair and rosary

The heavy hand of time has no power here. Try as it may, it falls short of marring the natural beauty that exudes from within her broken body. I see her through the eyes of wonder. Transparent skin folding gently around her diminutive frame seems to hold together her frail bones; protecting her beautiful heart.

Fragile as a foal, she calculates each step, slowly, carefully, relying on the strength of her newest companion, a shiny silver walker.

Helplessly, I watch, aching to reach, to extend my hand, to carry her across the seemingly endless room, but the feisty sparkle in her clear blue eyes forbid me to intervene.

For 95 years she's dedicated her life to helping others, and today, is no exception.

From her rocking chair with her rosary, she continues  her faithful journey of love.......

This one's for my Auntie Julia

Happy Easter Everyone!!

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