Sunday, March 6, 2016

I was wrong!

I wrote it, I read it, I loved it.
Not too long
Not too short
Not too deep
Peppered with a perfect balance of  humor and mystery
Surely, I thought, 
Others will love it too.
I was wrong.....

I wrote it, I read it, I hated it
The epitome of "bleh".
I cringed at the choices I'd made
Boring, vapid, lackluster words
The best I could conjure not good enough
Surely, I thought,
Others will hate it too
Again, I was wrong.


  1. Everyone's voice gives rise to reflective thoughts upon closure. I love this phrase, "Peppered with a perfect balance." Writing comes from inside and travels to a public space.

  2. You perfectly describe the doubts all writers face from time to time.

  3. Isn't this the truth? Our internal struggle as writers. I feel that too. You put it so nicely here, that frustration. I love it. :-)

  4. Ah, the frustrations of being a writer! You capture it so well here! In the end though, I think the most important thing is that YOU are happy with what you have written. After all, if you are writing things that other people love but you hate, where is the joy in that?