Monday, March 28, 2016


I could tell she'd been crying from the moment she walked in the room. 

"Are you okay?" I asked, knowing the answer.

With a "deer in headlights" expression, she collapsed dramatically into the chair beside me, pouring out her desperate story.

I need to fix this... I think with lightning speed, kicking my brain into gear.

Meticulously, it sorts through the impressive collection of inspirational words; wisdom stockpiled specifically for occasions like this. 

Cloaked in good intentions, I listen carefully as the details of her dilemma unfold. Silently, I ache for her, focusing on the intensity of her pain.

I want to fix this.... I think, But, with an unexpected twist. I find I'm suddenly mute, Swallowing my intended words of wisdom, I view the situation with unforeseen clarity. I'm confounded by the truth; 

(a double whammy),    

I cannot fix this......and... it's not my place to try....OUCH!

The sudden epiphany came from my own life experiences, I must respect the significance, the value, of her pain.

A genuine hug ends our evening. Both richer for the experience, we feel lighter as we go our separate ways.      

She will fix this...... I know...

and grateful for the opportunity, I graciously I accept another life lesson of my own.

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  1. Man, you nailed this one Darlene! We are such fixers, aren't we? We fix, fix, fix - so much so that those around us never learn how to fix on their own. YOU are doing such a service for this person (your daughter?) The hug is all that is needed to propel your loved one to go off and fix. Brav-o!