Sunday, March 17, 2013

Amelia tried to warn me

living dead girl - by Elizabeth Scott
          (some thoughts)
She tried to warn me that it would be difficult, reading the book, even before she handed it over. I could see it.... her eyes said it all.  Wide and filled with “something”, but what?….. Shock, horror, disdain?  I couldn't tell exactly, but what I could tell was the books content had shaken her to the core, and I must admit it intrigued me. After all, the Amelia I know is tough and unshakable, just like me.

“Let me know what you think”, she said, the uneasy tone in her voice similar to the look in her eyes, “It’s a young adult book", she added, "and I’d really like your opinion.". 

"Sure", I smiled easily, having no idea what I was in for, I added the book to my priority list, but didn't give it much thought until yesterday…..That's when I picked it up........

To say living dead girl captured me from the very first page would be an understatement. Several times, I felt the need to put it down; to wash away the disturbing images imprinted on my brain, but I couldn't!  Instead, I devoured it, page by page, until it began to devour me. Haunted by the torment and unimaginable abuse, I had to keep reading..... as if my reading would find some kind of redemption for this child. …..….as if my silent plea to Elizabeth Scott "to make everything turn out okay in the end" would make her change HER ending and allow the “once upon time girl” to wake up and find herself safely tucked into her bed on 632 Daisy if......

While living dead is incredibly heart-wrenching and painful to read, I can't help but give the author her due. Beautifully written, she boldly challenges each of us to picture what none of us wishes to see…..and believe me, it's not for the faint of heart.

As far as whether it belongs on the young adult list, well the verdict is still out on that one. My daughter is reading it as I write this blog. I will see what she has to say about that!! 

And Amelia, next time you try to warn me, I will pay closer attention.....:-)


  1. Wow...this is a YA book?! It sounds powerful, but....

  2. Now THAT'S a book recommendation!!

  3. Wow! I'm not sure if I want to go find this book to read or pretend I've never heard of it. Normally, the word "disturbing" isn't one I like to use about a book that I'm reading. Maybe I need to give this title a little more thought...