Saturday, March 16, 2013

Uh Oh....Truth or Fiction?

When we spoke of Brittany, we never used her name. Sometimes we referred to her as Bryan’s sister, but mostly we just called her “narc”.
I watched impassively as she bent down, struggling to gather the books someone had deliberately knocked out of her arms. She looked weary as she straightened up and swept the long strands of red hair away from her face. Even from across the hall, I could see tears streaming down her cheeks. Sometimes I felt sorry for Brittany. I wondered how she found the strength to come to school every day; how she managed to come and face all of us. Yes, sometimes I felt sorry for her, but most of the time I only felt contempt. She had done this to herself, I reasoned. Being a narc at all was enough to ruin your life, but to rat out your own brother….well, that was enough to end it!

What you have just read is an introduction to one of my short stories.  

The fact is, I've written several such stories, each  "TRUE", based on (MY) life and from (MY) unique  perspective.   

Utilizing basic story elements, (plot, character, conflict, theme & setting), I articulate my memories carefully, assuring my readers will not only identify with the thoughts and feelings of the author, (ME), but, also find her, (ME), to be the protagonist or good girl!

That being said, I sometimes question the accuracy of my own stories.. For example, at the end of this particular story, I wrap everything up neatly and attractively, and must admit, (I) look pretty darned good in the end....

But then again, that 's only (MY) perspective.  I sometimes wonder how Brittany’s version of the story would read???? 


  1. That is a different thought. It would be interesting to try to write a different ending from Brittany's perspective. When you have nothing else to do...

  2. That is actually a really GREAT idea....:-) I be sure to let you know when I attempt it. Thanks for the idea....

  3. Writing stories is so cathartic. Good for you that you write, wonder and experiment. And that is some beginning to a story!

  4. Interesting to consider a shift in the point-of-view in your story. I wonder how it would end then...

  5. Would you write it again from Brittany's perspective? I would love to read your stories.
    Have you heard of Splickety Magazine?
    You could submit your stories there.
    My story will be on their blog on Monday.