Monday, March 18, 2013

Perfectly content

It's Monday night....just me and Jul'......
hanging out and doing our thing....and for now, I am perfectly content.

We eat, we talk, we laugh, we gossip we 
change into our comfy clothes...., and for now, I am perfectly content.

In over sized night shirts, we ready ourselves by gathering up our necessities.....
DVR Ready- check 
bottles of water- check
fluffy blankets- check
sweet snack-check
lights turned down-check

and then, I take one last look at the computer screen...

"Ready Ma?" she asks.....

"I am",  I answer, "just finishing up my blog....."

Okay, she smiles patiently....(figuring this will take awhile)

But I will surprise her, because I have finished my blog. 

Yes, tonight it will be just me and Jul'......

It's TV night, and for now, I am perfectly content......and hope that as you read this; you are feeling perfectly content too. :-)


  1. Very nice. I just finished my blog, am in my p.j.'s, the sound of a snow plow on the road outside and a good book in hand.

  2. Yes! Content, in my pj's and looking at a snow day tomorrow!

  3. What a beautiful image I have of you and your daughter snuggling up to wath a favorite TV show. I am content right now....knowing that you are content!

  4. Hahaa :) I love it. Yes I am and your post makes me smile. Happy you both are too!

  5. Content, comfortable and loved. A good day.