Thursday, March 14, 2013

Carrie, this poem is for you......

                                                       My first pastel:  3/2012

This picture, drawn last march, was first piece of many pieces in my pastel phase. J  When I gave it to my friend, I promised to share with her the motivation behind it. Hopefully, I have captured that feeling in my poem.

Summer sun glistening
Gleeful feet dancing
The sweet scent of wild flowers
The feeling of Joy

Happy children laughing
Jump ropes and hop scotch
Ice Cream Man music
The feeling of delight

Cat tails and dandelions
Morning glories and lilacs
 Hot dogs and lemonade
The feeling of glee

Butterflies and bullfrogs
Climbing trees, Hide-N-Seek
Sprinklers and hoses
The feeling of summer


  1. BEAUTIFUL calming. Beautiful poem. Oh, how I love summer. Your lines have build my anticipation to a new level for "the feeling of summer".

  2. Summertime favorites! Your pastel is beautiful!

  3. Beautiful picture and beautiful poem, Darlene! The details you wrote made me long for summer and days outside with my girls.... sigh.

  4. I'm impressed with your artistic skills now too. Look at you.. you can capture it on the canvas and the page! :) Beautiful.

  5. Your poem is like the drawing, and your drawing is like the poem. Delightful. Love it.